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Sonoma Wineries

Most wineries have web pages, and you can access these by clicking on the winery name.

If the Winery showcases their wines in a Winery Co-op or shared tasting room, a link is provided in the "Open Hours" column for more information.

Winery Open  
A. Rafanelli Winery By Appt  
Abundance Vineyards Sonoma-Enoteca  
Acorn Winery By Appt  
Adler Fels The Wine Room  
Adrian Fog Winery By Appt  
Albini Family Vineyards n/a  
Alderbrook Winery Daily 10-5  
Alexander Valley Vineyards Daily 10-5  
Amicitia Winery By Appt  
Amista Vineyards Th-Mon 11-4:30  
Amphora Wines Daily 11-4:30  
Anakota n/a  
Annapolis Winery Daily 12-5  
Arbios Cellars By Appt  
Archipel Wines By Appt  
Arista Winery Th-M 11-5  
Armida Winery Daily 11-5  
Arrowood Vineyards Daily 10-4:30  
Atascadero Creek Winery Fri - Sun 10:30-4  
Audelssa Estate Winery n/a Food/Wire Pairings
B.R. Cohn Winery Daily 10-5  
Balletto Vineyards Th-Mo 10-4  
Bandiera Winery n/a  
Bannister Wines n/a  
Barefoot Cellars M-F 8-5  
Bartholomew Park Winery Daily 11-4:30  
Battaglini Estate Winery By Appt  
Baystone Wines n/a  
Bella Vetta n/a  
Bella Vineyards Daily 11-4:30  
Bellerose Vineyards n/a  
Belvedere Winery Daily 11-5  
Benziger Family Winery Daily 10-5  
Berthoud Winery n/a  
Black Oak Wines n/a  
Blackstone Winery Daily 10:30-4:30  
Bonneau Wines Cellars of Sonoma  
Bradford Mountain Winery By Appt or Cellars of Sonoma  
Brogan Cellars By Appt  
Bucklin By Appt  
Buena Vista Carneros Daily 10-5  
Cale Cellars n/a  
Camellia Cellars Daily 11-6  
Canyon Road Winery Daily 10-5  
Carlisle Wine Cellars By Appt  
Carol Shelton Wines n/a  
Castle Vineyards Daily 10-5  
Chalk Hill Estate By Appt M-F Culinary Tour
Chandelle of Sonoma The Cellar Door  
Charles Creek Vineyard Daily 11-6  
Chateau Felice    
Chateau Souverain Daily 11-6 (Cellar 360)  
Chateau St. Jean Daily 10-4:30 Food/Wire Pairings
Chauffe-Eau Cellars n/a  
Christopher Creek Winery Daily 11-5  
Cline Cellars Daily 10-6  
Cleavage Creek n/a  
Clos du Bois Winery Daily 10-4:30  
Cobb Wines n/a  
Colin Lee Vineyards & Winery n/a  
Collier Falls Vineyards Family-DryCreek  
Copain Wines n/a  
Copeland Creek Vineyards n/a  
Coral Mustang Wines n/a  
Corda Winery n/a  
Coturri Winery By Appt  
Coyote Crest Winery n/a  
Crane Canyon Cellars Locals  
D'Agostini / Armagan n/a  
D'Argenzio Winery n/a  
Dasche Cellars Family-DryCreek  
David Coffaro Winery By Appt  
Davis Bynum Winery  Daily 10-5  
Davis Family Vineyards Fri-Sun 11-5  
De La Montanya Winery Sa-Su 11-4:30  
De Loach Vineyards Daily 10-4:30 Wine/Cheese Pairing
Deerfield Ranch Winery Family-Sonoma  
Dehlinger Winery n/a  
deLorimier Winery/Mosaic Daily 10-4:30  
DeNatale Vineyards By Appt  
Derbes Winery n/a  
Deux Amis Winery By Appt  
Domaine Danica Winery By Appt  
Domaine St. George Winery n/a  
Donum Estate n/a  
Dreyer Sonoma Sonoma-Enoteca  
Dry Creek Vineyard Daily 10:30-4:30  
Duchamp Winery By Appt  
DuMOL n/a  
Dunah Winery Cellars of Sonoma  
Dutcher Crossing Winery Daily 11-5  
Dutton-Goldfield Winery Th - Mo 10-4  
Duxoup Wine Family-DryCreek  
Elliott Family Cellars n/a  
EnRoute Winery n/a  
Eric Kent Wine Cellars By Appt  
Eric Ross Winery Locals / Th-No 11-5  
Estancia Estates n/a  
Everett Ridge Winery Daily 10-4:30  
F. Teldeschi Winery Daily 12-5  
Family Dog Winery The Wine Room  
Fanucchi Vineyards n/a  
Favero Vineyards Sonoma-Enoteca  
Ferrari-Carano Winery Daily 10-5  
Field Stone Winery Daily 10-5  
Fire Station Red n/a  
Fisher Vineyards By Appt  
Floodgate Vineyards n/a  
Flowers Winery n/a  
Foppiano Vineyards Daily 10-4:30  
Forchini Winery Fri-Su  11-4  
Forest Glen Winery n/a  
Forth Vineyards Family-DryCreek  
Fountain Grove Winery n/a  
Frick Winery Sa-Su 12-4:30  
Fritz Winery Daily 11-5  
Gallo of Sonoma Daily 10-6  
Gamba Vineyards n/a  
Gan Eden Wines n/a  
Gann Family Cellars of Sonoma  
Gary Farrell Daily 11-4  
Geyser Peak Winery Daily 10-5  
Gladstone Cellars Fri-Sun 10-5 or By Appt  
Glen Ellen Winery n/a  
Glenlyon Winery Daily 11-5  
Gloria Ferrer Daily 10-5  
Goldschmidt Vineyards n/a  
Gopfrich Winery By Appt  
Graton Ridge Cellars Fri - Sun 10:30-4  
Grebennikoff Vineyards n/a  
Grove Street Winery n/a  
Gundlach Bundschu Daily 11-4:30  
Hafner Vineyards By Appt  
Halleck Vineyards n/a  
Hamel Wines n/a  
Hanna Winery Daily 10-4 Cheese pairings A/V
Hanzell Vineyards By Appt  
Hartford Court Winery Daily 10-4:30  
Hartman Lane Daily 10-4:30  
Harts Desire Wines Locals  
Harvest Moon Winery Mo-Su 10:30-4:30  
Hawkes Winery Daily 10-5  
Hawley Wine Locals  
Haywood Estate Winery n/a  
Holdredge Winery Sa-Su 11-4  
Homewood Winery Daily 10-4  
Hook & Ladder Winery Daily 10-4:30  
Hop Kiln Winery Daily 10-5  
Horse & Plow By Appt  
Hunter / Chasseur Cellars n/a  
Huntington Wine Cellars Daily 11-5 Wine/Cheese
Icaria Creek Winery n/a  
Imagery Estate Winery Daily 10-4:30 (Sum 5:30)  
Inman Family Wines n/a  
Iron Horse Vineyards Daily 10-3:30  
J Wine Company Daily 11-5 Food/Wine Pairings
James Family Cellars Cellars of Sonoma  
Jest Red Winery n/a  
Johnson Alexander Valley Daily 11-5  
Jordan Winery By Appt  
Joseph Swan Vineyards Sa-Su 11-4:30  
Kachina Vineyards n/a  
Kamen Estate Wines n/a  
Kaz Vineyard & Winery Fr-Mo 11-5  
Keller Estate By Appt  
Kelley & Young Wines Sat/Sun 11-8  
Kendall-Jackson Winery Daily 10-5 Food/Wine at Chat
Kenwood Vineyards Daily 10-4:30  
Kistler Vineyards n/a  
Korbel Champagne Cellars Daily 9-4:30  
Kosta Browne Winery n/a  
Krutz Family Cellars Cellars of Sonoma  
Kunde Estate Winery Daily 10:30-4:30  
La Crema Winery Daily 10:30-5:30  
Lago Di Merlo Winery Family-DryCreek  
Lake Sonoma Winery Daily 10-5  
Lambert Bridge Winery Daily 10:30-4:30  
Lancaster Estate By Appt  
Landmark Vineyards Daily 10-4:30  
Larson Family Winery Daily 10-5  
Laurel Glen  Locals  
Lavender Hill Vineyards n/a Homestay available
Ledson Winery Daily 10-5 Food/Wine Pairings
Legacy Winery n/a  
Limerick Lane Cellars Daily 10-5  
Little Vineyards n/a  
Longboard Vineyards Th-Su 11-8  
Loxton Wines Appt / The Wine Room  
Lynmar Winery Fri-Mon 11-4 Food/Wine Pairings
MacPhail Family Wines n/a  
MacRostie Winery By Appt  
Madrone Ridge Sonoma-Enoteca  
Manzanita Creek Appt or Sonoma-Enot  
Marcassin n/a  
Marietta Cellars n/a  
Marimar Torres Estate Sat-Sun 11-4  
Mark West Winey n/a  
Martin Family Vineyards Locals  
Martin Ray Winery Daily 11-5  
Martinelli Winery Daily 10-5  
Martini & Prati Winery Daily 11-4  
Matanzas Creek Winery Daily 10-4:30  
Mauritson Vineyards Daily 10-5  
Mayo Family Winery Daily 11-6 or F.S. / C.D. Food/Wine Pairings
Mazzocco Vineyards Daily 11-5  
McCray Ridge n/a  
McIlroy Cellars n/a  
Meeker Vineyards Daily 10:30-5  
Meredith Wine Cellars Family-Sonoma  
Merry Edwards Wines By Appt  
Michel Schlumberger By Appt Food/Cheese Pairing
Mietz Cellars n/a  
Mill Creek Vineyards Daily 10-5  
Mobius Painter Winery & Cellars n/a  
Moon Mountain Vineyards By Appt  
Moondance Cellars The Wine Room  
Mosher Creek Winery n/a  
Moshin Vineyards Daily 11-4:30  
Mount Tamalpais Vineyards n/a  
Mueller Winery n/a  
Murphy-Goode Daily 10:30-4:30  
Muscardini Cellars Daily 10-5  
Mutt Lynch Winery n/a  
Nalle Winery Sat 12-5  
Navillus Birney Winery Daily 10:30-5  
Nelson Estate Family-Sonoma  
Nicholson Ranch Daily 10-6  
Noel Wine Cellars Family-Sonoma  
Novy Family Wines n/a  
Occidental Road Cellars By Appt  
Olson Ogden Wines n/a  
Optima Wine Cellars By Appt  
Orogeny Vineyards n/a  
Ottimino Winery Napa Wine Co.  
Palmeri Wines n/a  
Papapietro Perry Winery Daily 11-4:30  
Paradise Ridge Winery Daily 11-5:30  
Passalacqua Winery Daily 11-5  
Pasterick Winery n/a  
Paul Hobbs Winery By Appt  
Pax Wine Cellars By Appt  
Peay Vineyards by Appt  
Pedroncelli Winery Daily 10-4:30  
Pellegrini Family Vineyards By Appt  
Pena Ridge Wines n/a  
Peter Michael Winery n/a  
Peterson Winery Locals  
Pey-Marin Vineyards n/a  
Pezzi King Vineyards By Appt  
Phillip Staley Winery n/a  
Porter Creek Vineyards Daily 10:30 - 4:30  
Preston Vineyards Daily 11-4  
Provisor n/a  
Quivira Vineyards Daily 11-5  
Rabbit Ridge Daily 11-5  
Radio-Coteau Wine Cellars n/a  
Ramazzotti Wines Locals  
Ramey Wine Cellars n/a  
Rancho Zabaco n/a  
Ravenswood Winery Daily 10-4:30  
Raymond Burr Vineyards By Appt  
Ray's Station n/a  
Remick Ridge Vineyards The Wine Room  
Rezonja Wine Cellars n/a  
Ricci Carneros Sonoma-Enoteca  
Richardson Vineyards The Cellar Door  
Ridge Vineyards Daily 11-4  
River Bend Ranch n/a  
River Road Vineyards By Appt  
Robert Hunter Winery By Appt/Cellar Door  
Robert Rue Vineyard n/a  
Robert Stemmler Winery Sonoma-Enoteca  
Robert Young Estate Daily 10-4:30  
Robledo Family Winery Daily 11-4  
Roche Carneros Winery Daily 10-5  
Rochioli Vineyards Daily 11-4  
Rodney Strong Vineyards Daily 10-5  
Roessler Cellars n/a  
Rosenblum Cellars Daily 10-5  
Roshambo Winery Daily 10:30-4:30  
Rosso & Bianco Winery Daily 11-5  
Rued Wines n/a  
Rusina Wines n/a  
Russian Hill Winery Th-Mo 10-4  
Rutz Cellars n/a  
Sable Ridge Vineyards n/a  
Sapphire Hill Vineyards Fr-Su 11-4:30  
Sausal Winery Daily 10-4  
Sauvignon Republic Cellars Locals  
Saxon Brown Wines n/a  
Sbragia Family n/a  
Scherrer Winery n/a  
Schug Carneros Estate Daily 10-5  
Sebastiani Cellars Daily 10-5  
Sebastopol Vineyards Th-Mo 11-5  
Seghesio Family Vineyards Daily 10-5 Food/Wine Pairings
Selby Winery Daily 11-5  
Sharp Cellars By Appt  
Siduri Wines By Appt  
Silver Oak Cellars Mon-Sat 9-4  
Simi Winery Daily 10-5  
Skewis Wines By Appt  
SL Cellars Daily 10:30-5  
Solitude Wines n/a  
Sonoma Creek Winery Th-Mon 11-4  
Sonoma Cutrer Vineyards Trade Only  
Sonoma Loeb Wines n/a  
Sonoma Valley Port Works The Wine Room  
St. Francis Winery Daily 10-5 Food/Wine Pairings
Stone Creek Winery Daily 10:30-4:30  
Stonestreet Winery Daily 10-5  
Stryker Sonoma Winery Daily 10:30-5  
Stuhlmuller Vineyards By Appt  
Sunce Winery Daily 10:30-5  
Sunset Cellars The Cellar Door  
Sutton Cellars n/a  
T.R. Elliott Winery Cellars of Sonoma  
Taft Street Winery Daily 11-4  
Talty Winery By Appt  
Tandum Winery n/a  
Tantalus Winery By Appt  
Tara Bella Winery n/a  
Tarius Wines n/a  
Taurian Vineyards By Appt  
Terlato Family Vineyards n/a  
Thea Wines n/a  
Thumbprint Cellars Daily 11-6  
Thurow Vineyards n/a  
Tin Barn Vineyards n/a  
Toad Hollow Vineyards Daily 10:30-5:30  
Topolos/Russian River Daily 11-5:30  
Tremani Wines n/a  
Trentadue Winery Daily 10-5  
Tria Winery n/a  
Trinitas Wines n/a  
Trios Sonoma-Enoteca  
Twomey Cellars Mon-Sun 9-4  
Ty Caton Daily 10-5  
Unti Vineyards By Appt  
Valley of the Moon Winery Daily 10-4:30  
Venus Vineyards n/a  
Verite Winery By Appt  
Viansa Winery Daily 10-5  
Visions Cellars n/a  
VJB Vineyards & Cellars Daily 10-5  
V-Twin Vineyards n/a  
Walker Station Vineyards By Appt  
Walter Hansel Winery n/a  
Wattle Creek Winery Daily 10-6;Sa-Su -8  
Wellington Vineyards Daily 11-5  
WesMar Winery n/a  
White Oak Winery Daily 10-5  
Williams-Selyem Winery n/a  
Williamson Wines Daily 11-7 Food/Wine Pairings
Wilson Winery Daily 11-5  
Windsor Vineyards Daily 10-5 Sa-Su -6  
Windy Hill By Appt  
Woodenhead Wine n/a  
Yoakim Bridge Winery Fr-Su 11-4:30  

Please verify the open days/hours directly with the winery before visiting, as they are subject to change.

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Highlighted Winery:

Williamson Wines


Australian-born husband-and-wife team, Dawn and Bill Williamson focus on producing limited quantities of premium quality California wines, estate grown in the unique location, soil and climate of Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County, California.







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